While I don’t do hosting myself, I know what all is involved. Even the simplest setups with a single site and email can seem complicated if you’re not familiar with the terminology and the different pieces.

How your hosting environment is configured and what tools are available is important. It’s usually not enough just to have a website running — most often you’ll also need to take into consideration:

  • a naked subdomain (without “www”) vs. www
  • SSL (https vs. http)
  • separate subdomains for separate apps
  • multiple domain names
  • database management, including backup/restore
  • file management, including backup/restore
  • managed software installations like CMS, e-commerce, forums, etc
  • performance and monitoring

If you don’t know what some of this means, no problem — I can guide you through it. If you know, but just don’t have the expertise to set it up, you’ve come to the right place! Contact me and we’ll get you started.