Domains and Hosting

Connettrics.Net can get you online.

So, you know your competencies and know you need to get online so that you can offer them to the world — but how do you do that? I have the expertise to get you set up with everything you need. Whether you’re a business offering products and services, an organization disseminating relevant information, or an artist or writer sharing your ideas with the world, I can help you determine your online needs, get you set up, and start building.

Or, do you already have an online presence and just need to enhance it? Looking to produce more sites without breaking the bank, or scale your organization’s access or email capabilities? Looking for new tools or features, but not sure how to get them, how to determine whether you need to move stuff around on the Internet, and if so, how? I’ve got you covered!

Domain Stuff

The first thing you need to do to establish your presence online is to get your domain(s) registered so that your potential visitors can find you by your domain name(s). Then you point different pieces to where they’re hosted, but that’s the next step. Confused already, or just need someone to do it for you or talk through the options? No sweat — Read More…


When you register your domain(s), or in a next step, you point the pieces to where they’re hosted. A hosting company will provide you the web server setup you need, complete with databases and file systems to store your content and programs to run your applications, as well as the facilities to set up and handle emails. Need help getting all this set up? Again, no sweat — Read More…

Ready to get started?

f you don’t know how to get started, no problem. I do. Contact me and we’ll get you rolling!