Design and Conquer!

A compelling website design is crucial to engaging your audience.

And by design I’m not not just talking in terms of first-glance visuals, but also in terms of organizational structure and content delivery. Your audience may be a world full of product consumers whom you want to keep buying and spreading the word to others. Or it may be a group of friends who want to share experiences in an online community. Or anything in between. The style in which your site displays relevant content and makes it accessible is important, whether the content is in the form of product offerings, service information, news, intellectual musings, art – whatever your business or organization has to offer.

That being said, we all have to know the limitations to our core competencies. I’m not a designer per se.  The good news is, I don’t have to be.

I do partner with professional design services, so if you’re so outside the box that you need a complete site designed from the ground up, or if you have a site on an established platform that needs to be updated with a fresh contemporary look, I’m here to help!

But the chances are very good that we can find something that will make you sit up and say, “Hey, that’s close”! How do you purchase or retrieve it, install it, configure it, and tweak it with your own personality and style and imagery? How do you use that as a framework to launch your content for the world to come gobble up? That’s where I come in. I have the expertise to scout out the best the open source community and a myriad of marketplaces have to offer in terms of aesthetics to engage your audience. Templates and themes abound for web content and e-commerce platforms, and in most cases it doesn’t have to break the bank to procure and deploy something that fits the bill.