Customize Your Current System

One of the most common predicaments businesses and organizations find themselves in in the online world is having a site that’s almost right, but needs just something extra.

  • Do you wish the design/layout was just a little different?
    • colors on-brand?
    • full-width vs. fixed width?
    • fonts adjusted – face or size?
    • padding and borders adjusted?
    • menu items adjusted?
  • Do you wish that form would capture that one extra piece of data?
  • Do you have a little heavier customizations in mind?
    • integration with partner systems like job boards, maps, payment systems, lad capture, or analytics?
    • reusable content sections or widgets?
    • re-branding of your entire site via updating themes and templates?
    • customizing data storage and reporting for CMS or business data?

One of my specialties is digging into current systems and providing the customizations that will make your site sing. Chances are if a purchased or open-source CMS, publishing, e-commerce or other platform has gotten you 80% of what your ideal is, I can get you over the finish line. Contact me and we’ll discuss your needs.