Custom Web Development

Web-enabled database applications are my specialty.

The role of the database cannot be underestimated. Your Web presence may be able to benefit significantly from the storage and access a database provides – everywhere you look on the web, databases are critical to user management and content storage:

  • e-commerce systems
  • blogs
  • wikis
  • support forums
  • retail store locators
  • feedback forms
  • product promotion entries
  • job postings
  • service schedules


You may need a helping hand provisioning, installing, configuring, and maintaining a purchased or open-source database application like a support forum, blog, content management system, or e-commerce system. If you have one already and need some tweaks or enhancements for it, I can get the job done. Read more…

Custom Applications From Scratch

I can even help design and build from scratch your own custom application. Even if we can’t procure a turnkey solution or a framework to get you started, we can design a custom solution just for you. Read more…

Systems Integrations

Do you have disparate systems that don’t talk to each other, or require clunky navigation between them? Many have integration points that can be used to make things smoother. Read more…

If your solution needs some customization, or even if you don’t know how to get started, no problem — I can help. Contact me and we’ll get you rolling!